Basketball is another popular sport among Nigerian bettors after football. There’s also a large market for basketball in Nigeria because people still support popular basketball teams. Some include the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Maimi Heat, and Boston Celtics.

The Nigerian Basketball scene has seen remarkable growth in recent times. In 2015, the D’Tiger (Nigerian Men National Team) won the African Championship. Also, the D’Tigress won the two editions of the Afrobasket women.

This article will explore what you should know about basketball betting in Nigeria. So, keep reading to know more!

History of Basketball

The origin of basketball is yet to be discovered by anyone. Most people believe that Dr. James Naismith invented modern basketball. However, the rules of basketball have changed over time and are different from what they used to be back then.

The basketball game was invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Then, the first professional basketball league – the National Basketball League was established in 1898. The emergence of the NBL paved the way for several other leagues worldwide, including the NBA, NCAA, EuroLeague, and the Women’s League.

In 1946, the National Basketball Association (NBA) was established and has risen to become the largest and most popular basketball league in the world. The league contains 29 male teams from the USA and one from Canada. Every team in this league is divided into two groups, which are called Conferences – Eastern Conference NBA and Western Conference NBA.

Why You Should Bet on Basketball?

One of the reasons why you should bet on basketball is because the frequency of the events is high, compared to other sports. You’ll find several basketball events being played throughout the season at minimal intervals at top betting sites. Most basketball teams play between three to four games in a week and that’s not the case with other sports.

Another obvious reason why you should bet on basketball is to stand a chance of winning real money. You can spread your bet across different markets to increase your chances of winning more money. Also, you should learn more about these betting markets before placing your bet.

How to Bet on Basketball

  1. Create a New Account

The first step you must follow to place your basketball bet is to find your preferred betting site. Then, create a new account with the betting site and log in to your account. Some important information you must provide when creating your account includes your name, mobile number, email address, username, and password. Once you submit this information, click on the verification link that’ll be sent to your email. Then, you can now login to your account with your username and password.

  1. Deposit Real Money

The next step is to fund your new account with real money. To do this, go to the cashier page of your preferred betting site and choose a convenient payment option. Some payment options you’ll find at top betting sites in Nigeria include bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, and Flutterwave. You can begin your gameplay once your money is reflected in your account.

  1. Select Your Preferred Betting Market

The next step after funding your account with real money is to select your preferred betting market. You’ll find many basketball betting markets you can choose from at your preferred betting site. They include Handicap, Overs/Unders, Highest Scoring Quarter and so on.

  1. Place your Bet

The next step after picking a betting market is to place your bet at the betting site and watch as it all turns out. If you win, you can move on to withdraw your winnings and if not, you can place another bet if you have money left.

  1. Withdraw Your Winnings

You can withdraw your winnings using different withdrawal options, including Flutterwave, bank transfers, and Credit/Debit cards. Processing your withdrawals can take some time, depending on the betting site you choose to play.

Best Markets to Bet on Basketball

  • Over/Under

This is a basketball betting market that allows bettors to focus on the overall result of the match rather than pick a side. So, you bet on whether both teams will get above/below a particular point that is usually specified by a bookmaker.

  • Handicap

This is another basketball betting market where the underdogs are given an unfair advantage. Most players will expect stronger teams to defeat weaker teams. So, to give weaker teams a chance, bookmakers create a point spread among the two teams by giving the weaker team an advantage. The stronger team will start with a negative advantage which has to be covered before the end of the event.

Any player who backs the team expected to win gets very low odds compared to players who back the underdogs in the match.

  • Match Result 1×2

The 1×2 betting market is another basketball betting market you need to know as a Nigerian bettor. It’s different from the way it works in football. When you place a 1×2 bet in football, you’re betting on three possible outcomes – a win, a draw or a loss. But, there’s nothing like a tie in basketball. If both teams get a tie at full-time, the match goes to overtime (OT) and the team that wins takes it home. So, you have two options when you place a 1×2 basketball bet – a win or a loss.

  • Odd/Even

This type of basketball betting market allows players to bet on whether the overall points of the game will be an even or odd number. You can either choose the point of both teams or one particular team. Checking the previous records of both teams will give you an insight into what to expect in the game between both teams and perhaps, help you place the right bet.

  • Futures

Placing future bets allows you to predict which team will win a basketball tournament you choose to bet on. So, future bets focus on long-term results. For example, you can predict the team that will win the NBA, NCAA, Eurocup and Champions League.

Quick Tips for Good Basketball Bets

Here are some tips that will help you place good basketball bets:

  • You must have an in-depth knowledge about the game before placing your bets
  • Learn about the odds, markets and basketball betting rules
  • Choose a betting site that has live basketball betting and live streaming features
  • You must have a bankroll in mind before placing your bet
  • Maximize the bonuses and promotions of the betting site to increase your winning chances

Basketball might not be the biggest sport in Nigeria but is a popular sport worldwide. Nigerian players who want to bet on basketball need to understand the basketball betting market they want to choose before placing their bets. Do proper research about the teams and players to increase your chances of winning.