Tennis is another popular sport among bettors around the world. You’ll find a few Nigerian players betting on tennis events, which can be attributed to many people not following this sport.

The few players who love betting on tennis events bet on popular events like ITF Men, ITF Women, Australian Open, US Open, and so on. You can also bet on different markets, including Over/Under, Handicap, and Futures.

This article will explore everything you should know about tennis betting in Nigeria. So, let’s get right into it!

History of Tennis

Some people believe tennis history can be traced to Ancient Egypt. They claimed that the name “Tennis” was derived from the Egyptian town of Tinnis and the Nile. Also, they believe the word “racquet” originated from the Arabic word for the palm of the hand – “rahat.”

There is sufficient evidence out there to prove that the game of tennis originated in France sometime in the 11th or 12th century. It was believed that the sport was first played by French monks who played handball against the monastery’s walls or over a rope across the courtyard.

Tennis was called “jeu de paume,” which means the game of hand. Many also believed that the name tennis was derived from the French word – “tenez,” which means “take this” or “be ready” which most servers in the game of tennis say before the game round begins.

The game gained popularity worldwide and even in royal circles. It was noted that King Louis X, a French King passed away in 1316 after a strenuous tennis game. Then, in the 16th century, rackets were introduced and England’s King Henry VIII built a court at Hampton Court Palace in 1530. Another king – Charles I completely changed the courtyard in 1625.

Why You Should Bet on Tennis?

Tennis betting focuses on one player rather than 11 players in football. It’s easier to do your research about one player rather than a whole team in tennis.

Another reason why you should bet on tennis is because it features several games in the week. Unlike football which features few matches every week, tennis has a lot of games you can bet on every day.

Also, tennis focuses on a wide range of betting markets. So, you can always find different betting markets to bet on at your preferred betting site. These betting markets may include Match Winner and Over/Under.

How to Bet on Tennis

  1. Create a New Account

You must create a new account at your preferred betting site if you want to bet on tennis events. Click on the “Sign up” button to begin the registration process. Then, you can provide your personal information, including your username, password, name, mobile number, and email address. Click on the verification link that’ll be sent to your email address to verify your email. Then, you can log in to your account to begin your gameplay.

  1. Deposit Real Money

The next step after logging into your new account is to fund it with real money. Choose your preferred payment option at the cashier page of the betting site. Some deposit options you can use to fund your account may include Credit/Debit Cards, Neteller, Skrill, and bank transfers. Once your fund is reflected in your account, you can select your favourite sport and begin your gameplay.

  1. Select Your Preferred Betting Market

Click on tennis and start checking through the list of betting markets available at your preferred betting site. Some tennis betting markets you can choose from may include Over/Under, Odd/Even, Handicap, and Match Result.

  1. Place your Bet

The next step after choosing your preferred betting market is to place your bet. Ensure you don’t use your bankroll at once after picking your games. You can spread your bets across different games and markets.

  1. Withdraw Your Winnings

You can withdraw your winnings if your predictions are correct. But, if not, you can try again and keep betting till you win. Choose your preferred withdrawal option at the bookmaker’s cashier page and wait for your transaction to process. The transaction times for withdrawals at different betting sites are different. So, check the withdrawal time frame for each payment option at your preferred betting site.

Best Markets to Bet on Tennis

  • Over/Under

This betting market allows you to bet on whether the total number of games played in a match will be over or below a certain threshold put out by the bookmaker. For example, if the bookmaker sets the threshold of an event to be 27.0, you can bet on whether the total games that will be played will be over/below this threshold. The good thing about placing this kind of bet is that you focus on the game’s intensity instead of the game’s overall result.

  • Handicap

This betting market gives an unfair advantage to a player perceived to be weak. Most bookmakers do this to level the playing field and give both players an equal chance. The bookmaker will give more odds to the underdog in the match and less odds to the stronger player.

  • Futures

This betting market allows players to make long-term predictions about events before they begin. You can tip a team to win any tennis event like grand slams, championships, and other tournaments.

  • Match Winner

This betting market allows you to bet on the player who will emerge victorious at the end of the event. It doesn’t require in-depth analysis to choose. Expectedly, the underdog will get more odds and the favourite less odds.

  • Outright Winner

This market allows you to bet on the player who will win a tournament. You must place this bet long before the tournament begins. Most tennis bettors love this market because it goes beyond just betting on the outcome of a particular match.

Quick Tips for Good Basketball Bets

Tennis is one of the popular sports players bet on worldwide. But, you need some betting tips to increase your chances of winning. Some of them include:

  • Choose the betting site with the best odds
  • Check the player’s form and fitness before placing your bet
  • Check the condition of the surface where the match will be played
  • Check previous statistics of the players
  • Consider the weather conditions before placing your bet

Tennis betting is not as popular as football betting in Nigeria. But, if you feel you want to give tennis betting a trial, you might as well get into the deep and know more about the sport. It requires you to understand the statistics of most of the players in each tournament. You also need to understand all the tennis betting markets you can bet on at your preferred betting site.